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  • Welcome to BEIER machinery!plastic pipe extrusion, profile extrusion line, roof tile extrusion line, PVC-O extrusion line.
    You are here: Home ? EXTRUSION MACHINERY ? Pipe Extrusion Line ? PVC Pipe Extrusion Line ? 110-630mm O-PVC Manufacture Line
    110-630mm O-PVC Manufacture Line



    O-PVC Manufacture Line Cost Efficiency
    Half thickness of PVC-U pipe. Raw material cost effective. 4 Times impact resistance to external loads
    Energy Efficient
    Smooth inner wall. Higher water conveyance.?Increased hydraulic capacity?Between 15-40% morehydraulic capacity than PVC-U, HDPE
    Optimal Environmental Performance
    Optimal environmental performance?Energy efficient
    O-PVC Extrusion?Line Application
    1.?Supplying & Infraestructure nets
    2. Drain pipe
    4. Irrigation

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