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  • Welcome to BEIER machinery!plastic pipe extrusion, profile extrusion line, roof tile extrusion line, PVC-O extrusion line.
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    90-315mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line

    90-315mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line Description:

    This 90-315mm?PE pipe extrusion?line, also can produce the PVC pipe after change the die head etc. PE pipe extrusion machine?has the high degree automation and long service life,controls the temperate auxiliary engine velocity modulation automatically. It produces product wall thickness adjustable, the inside and outside is bright and clean,the cold bending performance is fine. It’s the ldeal pipe for constructs which the crossed wire and the line reorganize to use,and it has the broad market prospect.

    90-315mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line

    90-315mm PE Pipe Extrusion Production Line?using PLC control system, man-machine dialogue interface, simple operation, stand-alone adjustment, the full board linkage, automatic fault alarm, production and reliable.

    90-315mm PE Pipe Extrusion Production Line Video:

    90-315mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line Details:

    • Extruder Part
      INOEX Gravimetrice meter- Quality pipe with accurate thickness. High torque gearbox. Energy-saving heater.
    • Mould Part
      Extrusion head with spiral structure, melt inside distributed evenly, achieve best plasticization. Calibration design with water ring which is easy to clean, to achieve better cooling and then fast forming.
    • Precise Control
      All electrical components adopt internationally top brands, and the intelligent remote service module makes online-after-services achievable.
    • Vacuum Tank Part
      Double big volume filter. Thermo mechanical Expansion Valve. Water Regulator-Pressure Stable Water Supply.
    • Hual-off Part
      Upon caterpillar with limit device in avoid of the deformation of pipes. V type high friction rubber pads.
    • Cutter
      Universal clamping. Servo motor driving directly, cutting more precisely and stability. Imported blade material ensure HDPE pipe surface smooth cutting.
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