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  • Welcome to BEIER machinery!plastic pipe extrusion, profile extrusion line, roof tile extrusion line, PVC-O extrusion line.
    You are here: Home ? EXTRUSION MACHINERY ? Sheet Extrusion Line ? PP PE AS ABS Sheet Extrusion Line ? PP PE PS ABS Sheet Extrusion Production Line
    PP PE PS ABS Sheet Extrusion Production Line

    PP PE PS ABS Sheet Extrusion Production Line Description:

    PP/PE/PS/ABS plastic sheet extrusion production line made by Beier Machinery Company can continuously produce mono-layer or multi-layer PP/PE/PS/ABS plate and sheet with the width less than 3000mm and thickness of 0.5-30mm.?Sheet extrusion lines?are widely used in the fields of refrigerator, air conditioner, automobile, advertisement, and construction, environmental protection, etc.

    PP PE PS ABS Sheet Extrusion Production Line

    1. Use PE/PVC/PP/PA/EVA material to extrude sheet or film for various application. Select different model extruders for different material extrusion.
    2. Outlook complete and unify, SIEMENS PLC digital control,
    3. High-efficiency screw and special design of mould and calibrator make the machine performance is more reliable, and the products are more stable.
    4. Thickness is from 0.5mm to 30mm and the width can reach up to 3000mm.

    Sheet Extrusion Production Line Video:

    PP PE PS ABS Sheet Extrusion Line:

    ● The screw was designed by special mixed material and high plastify, so that flux plastic, coloury, high output.
    ● T-die was designed by special double throttle, it make sure sheet thickness more nicety.
    ● Temperature control ±1, it will exactly control plastify process, sheet thickness.
    ● Forming roller platform adopts vertical or 45 degree inclined collocation, which can lift up and down, it supplies more options in operations in operation for producing thick board thin board, and enhance quality of board.
    ● Forming roller loop cooling system, matching with mould temperature controller to control temperature, which ensures even thickness of board.
    ● Shearer can precisely cut the board.
    ● Winder device, which adopts high grade torque motor, matching with four-axis automatic tension controlling, which can adjust speed and winding tension to get even surface for thin board, also with slitting device can set width of product as you want, we fix automatic meter counter which can set the length of product.

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