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  • Welcome to BEIER machinery!plastic pipe extrusion, profile extrusion line, roof tile extrusion line, PVC-O extrusion line.
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    PVC Profile Extrusion Machine

    PVC Profile Extrusion Machine Description:

    Beier Machinery provides high quality PVC profile extrusion machine.

    PVC Profile Extrusion Machine

    This PVC profile extrusion line extracts the advantage of plastic and wood, using PVC/PE, wood powder and additives to extrude kinds of PVC profiles by one step or two steps. Based on the specific profile section design and mold being used. A specific twin screw extruder, together with the vacuum shaping table, haul-off, cutter, stacker and other auxiliary equipment is used. With stable function, higher output and lower consumption. PVC profile extrusion machine mostly used in Building and Construction industry,for example door panel and frame,window frame,edge banding etc.

    PVC Profile Extruder Machine

    PVC Profile Extrusion Line Video:

    PVC Profile Extruder Machine Application:

    a. Particular designed conical twin screw for PVC powder raw materials
    b. Adapted to different moulds for different Pvc profiles
    c. PVC profile extruder machine with special designed vaccum calibration platform, haul-off and cutter, stacker.
    d. Adopt with full aspects efficient water mist cooling on profile.

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